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Introduction. The modern educational process is characterized by an increase in the educational load, the use of teaching aids, which are not provided for in the regulatory and methodological documents. Violation of the hygienic principles of organizing the education of children at school is the basis for the development of somatic pathology. The aim of the study: hygienic assessment of the educational process in schools with various training programs. Materials and methods. The subject of the research is the organization of the educational process of the first, second and third levels of education in schools with in-depth study of the subjects of the physical and mathematical cycle (Secondary School of Physics and Mathematics) and a typical Secondary School. The questionnaire contained questions for the evaluation of the educational process on the factors “Complexity”, “Time”, “Additional load”. A comparative assessment of the compliance of the educational process in the secondary school of the FMC and the secondary school with the requirements of Sanitary Regulations and Norms (SanPiN) was carried out. Results. In secondary school of Physics and Mathematics, the intensity index of the load by the factor “Difficulty” was 1.8 times more and the ration of students with a high intensity of the educational process by the factor “Time” exceeded by 3 times if compared to the secondary school, and. Every fourth school student of specialized classes attended 2-3 additional education institutions. The shortage of training rooms reached 32%. Established violations in the organization of changes and breaks between shifts, load distribution during the week. The total weekly educational load at the first level of education exceeded the standard values by 20%. The total weekly workload during training at the second and third levels of education in secondary school Physics and Mathematics exceeded indices of secondary school by 1.3-1.4 times. Discussion. When introducing new specialized programs, the actual organization of the educational process does not meet sanitary requirements, which can lead to fatigue and the development of profound and lasting changes in the body of schoolchildren. Conclusion. In the school with in-depth study of subjects, the educational process is more intense. As part of the control and supervision activities in general education organizations of the innovative type, it is necessary to pay special attention to meeting the requirements of section X of Sanitary Regulations and Norms (SanPiN

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