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Introduction. The technogenic development of the habitat determines the need of study of the negative impact of environmental factors on public health. The aim of the work is to study the peculiarities of changes of indices of immune regulation, specific and non-specific sensitization in the children’s population, living in conditions of air pollution with metals. Material and methods. A survey of the children population, living in the exposure zone of the studied risk factors was conducted. Mass spectrometry was used to determine the concentrations of chemical elements in biological media. Phagocytic activity was determined using sheep erythrocytes, serum immunoglobulin concentrations - using radial immunodiffusion, total IgE and cytokine levels - using enzyme immunoassay, specific IgG and IgE antibodies to metals - using allergen sorbent testing method. Statistical analysis was performed using Statistica 6.0. Results. In the observation group №. 1 the level of blood contamination with aluminum and chromium compounds when compared to the indices of the comparison group was higher, as well as there was a gain in aluminum, manganese, nickel, chromium in the blood level, compared with the values of the observation group №. 2. In the observation group № 1, the relative phagocytosis and phagocytic number were lower in relation to the norm, to the comparison group and the observation group № 2. Specific antibodies to metals exceeded the reference levels in the observation groups № 1 and № 2. The production of interleukin-1beta in the observation groups № 1 and № 2 exceeded the comparison indices; high levels of interleukin-8 and interferon-gamma were noted. A violation of cellular immunity in the observation group № 1 was established. In observation group № 2, changes in immune reactivity were expressed in a less degree, which was characterized by reduced absolute values of metals sensitivity indices. Conclusion. Excessive blood contamination with aluminum and chromium compounds, a decrease in phagocytic activity, an increase in specific sensitization by the criterion for the content of specific antibodies to metals, as well as an imbalance of cytokine immune mediators, were shown.

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