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Introduction. An investigation aimed at studying the modern specific features of the physical development of children of school age of Yekaterinburg city was performed. Material and Methods. Somatic (body length, body weight, chest circumference) and physiometric (vital lung capacity, hand strength) physical development indices of 1378 school students of the city of Yekaterinburg aged from 8 to 16 years were surveyed and studied using the anthropomorphic measurement method (cross-sectional studies). The obtained results were compared with the equivalent physical development results collected from the children within the period between 1894 and 2000, as well as physical development data of school students residing in the large cities of the Russian Federation; Student’s t-test, regression analysis were used. Results. A decline in somatometric indices of the physical development (body length, weight, chest circumference) in all age and gender groups of school students was noted within the period between 1894 and 2017, but the decreased average values of the physiometric parameters, i.e. vital lung capacity, hand strength, were noted from 1985. The average body length and average body weight of school students of the city of Yekaterinburg are not significantly different or higher as compared to the peers residing in the large cities of the Russian Federation. In contrast to the regional physical development standards (as of 2000), each third school student has high or higher than average physical development indices: body length by 26.4%, body weight - 36%, chest circumference - 29.8%; a high incidence of low physiometric parameters was noted: low and lower than average indices of the vital lung capacity are characteristic to 35.1% of school students, hand strength - to 20.4% (right) and 22.9% (left) school students. Conclusion. The obtained results are indicative of the epoch-making changes in the physical development of children of the school age, as well as of certain regional distinguishing features, which may be associated with changes in the social and economic, environmental situation, and life style peculiarities of the modern school students.

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