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Introduction. The evaluation of the impact influence of weather and climatic conditions on humans in cold (winter) period was done since there was not the method of evaluation of working conditions according to the degree of harmfulness and danger. Also, the sanitary norms and rules does not contain the method of risk evaluation of the influence of factors upon the human organism. Мaterial and Methods. The authors evaluated the influence of various combinations of ambient temperature and wind speed upon under conditions of IV climatic region in I zone (the Republic of Dagestan - at an altitude of 4 m., 1040 m. and 1661 m above sea level and the Kaliningrad region) according to wind cooling. It was found a possible discomfort sensation at an average speed of winds and temperatures (wind cooling index (WCI) more 763,7 Kcal/m2) as well as overcooling risk in combinations of average temperature and maximum wind speed, an average speed of the wind and the minimum temperature. Maximum wind speeds in combination with minimal temperatures exceeded WCI threshold by 1,25-2,1 times. It should be noted that the studies were conducted under conditions of an increased humidity which had a negative influence upon the human organism, but in combination with the high wind speed and low temperatures, the effect might be more considerable. results. In accordance with the method, in attachment 17 in manual Р 2.2.2006-05, working conditions were classified as harmful. By calculation on indices of the minimal temperature and maximum wind speed, indices of equivalent temperatures reached up to considerable values. Probably, the use of the method does not prove its value. conclusion. The fixing of complex influence (in the cold period) of air velocity, ambient temperature, air humidity and detecting of health risk due to weather and climatic conditions remain a topical theoretical and practical problem.

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