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Introduction. The problem of the soil contamination in urbanized ecosystems is considered and very important in the context of sustainable functioning of urboecosystems on the populated areas. In this context, the actualization in the information on the ecotoxicological state of soils and soil cover on the Arctic cities became more and more urgent. Cities and urbanized territories of the Russian Arctic zone are investigated in the context of sanitary and hygiene not in details. At the same time, hygienical state of soils in conditions of cryolythozone is the critical factor for sustainable functioning of the cryogenic ecosystems. Materials and methods. In September 2015 a study was conducted with the soil of 4 different zones with different functional load in the city of Murmansk. Totally 18 soil samples have been taken in various functional zones. Soils of the Murmansk city were shown to be presented by stratified versions of AL-Fe-humus and urban soils, and slightly drained and anthropogenically-transformed histic Gleysols. Laboratory experiments include the determination of heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Cd, Zn, Ni, Mn) content. Results. The concentration of heavy metals was established to be somewhat lower than in large cities of Russia. Subsequently, the obtained values of heavy metals were compared with the existing estimated allowable concentrations (EAC) and the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) set forth in GN Analysis of the total pollution index Zc data showed the majority of the total sample contamination on the degree of danger to be characterized as dangerous (Zc <16). Soils of the cities of the polar zones of Russia were emphasized to be investigated more detailed because the profile distribution of the contaminants is altered by the cryogenic processes. Soils of the Murmansk city were established to be classified as low contaminated which is related to the recent history of anthropogenic impact, at the same time, under the detailed investigation the practice with the hot spot of contamination could be revealed.

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