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Introduction. Study of the interrelation between magnesium content in biosphere objects (soil, natural water, plants) with arterial hypertension (AH) incidence among the population living in the territory of the plain Dagestan (Babayurtovsky, Kizlyar, Tarumovsky and Nogai districts of the Republic). material and Methods. To assess the development of hypertension, the data were obtained from the medical information center of the Ministry of Health of Dagestan. Samples of soil, water, plants with the determination of the magnesium content in them were processed by the photometric method in the biogeochemical laboratory of the Prikaspiyskiy Institute of Biology Resources of Daghestan Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences. For analyzes, the material was selected in the summer months. The correlation coefficients are calculated by Pearson. Results. When comparing the incidence rates of AH for 2005-2007 with the magnesium content in soils, natural waters, plants, a negative average correlation of magnesium concentration in the study sites with the incidence of AH population was established in the study area. A number of patients in the studied years was also noted to be changing, but the dependence of the incidence of AH of the population on the magnesium content in the biosphere objects is preserved. Conclusions. One of the factors of occurrence and course of hypertension is the magnesium status of the population, which depends on the geochemical features of the territory. As a result of the study, it was found that the higher the magnesium content in biosphere objects, the lower the incidence of AH population. In order to reduce the AH values among the population, it is necessary to correct the lack of magnesium in the human body with magnesium additives, which contribute to the regulation of blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In connection with the possible subclinical magnesium deficiency, an important factor in informing about the possible morbidity of hypertension is information on the magnesium content in environmental objects.

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