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Introduction. Health - is a complex and at the same integral multivariable dynamic state, developing in the process of realization of the genetic potential in a particular social and ecological environment, which permits a person to carry out its biological and social functions. Material and methods Health indices deteriorate with age. In this situation, special attention should be paid to older age groups. However, recent studies prefer to investigate young people. Data about health status of different age groups is not well investigated. Survey of 415 women aged 20 to 59 years residing on Yaroslavl region has been performed. Evaluation of age-related changes in health indices included questionnaire, morphological and functional examination, definition of physical development and adaptative potential according to the calculated indices and reference values. Results. The study examined the dynamics of health indices and established a statistically significant difference in the gain in body weight, blood pressure, total blood cholesterol, decreased lung capacity relative to body mass and adaptive capacity of the cardiovascular system with the age. Analysis of the incidence showed that chronic diseases incidence has increased from 56% in the 20-29 years group to 88% among 50-59 years old persons. Diseases of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system (48-49%) become predominant pathology with age. Evaluation of lifestyle shows that poor physical activity and sleep disorders were registered in 77% and 32% respectively regardless of age. Eating disorders were registered in 41% patients aged of 20-29 years. Ratio tobacco users decreased from 23% to 10% with age, while the number of cigarettes smoked per day was increased. Сonclusion. The study established the negative dynamics of health indices to be typical for women aged 20-59 years, while the rate of deterioration exceeds the average one in the Russian population. Self-preservation behavior is not predominant in all age groups, it is typical only for 3% of young women and 11-15% of other groups.

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