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Introduction. According to the European legislation and requirements, industrial production of medication shall be provided with well-defined regulations of the quality of such preparation.

Material and methods. Cytotoxic action of hepatoprotector Antral on bull sperm was evaluated. Samples of sperm were divided into control and two experimental samples: control one was diluted with phosphate-buffered saline (PSB), which included NaCl – 0.8 g, KСl – 0.02 g, Na2HPO4 – 0.11 g, КH2PO4 – 0.02 g, MgCl2 – 0.01 г, Н2О till 100ml; in the first experimental sample PSB was added with antral in the dose 1/500 LD50 (2.77 mg); in the second – PSB with Antral in the dose 1/100 LD50 (13.87 mg) was added. The survival of spermatozoa was defined until termination of rectilinear forward movement in sperm, which was preserved in temperature of 2-5 °C; respiratory activity was defined (by polarography (ng-atom O/0.1 ml of semen (S) ∙ min) in thermostated sell (temperature of 38.5 °C), with the volume of 1.0 ml with the automatic registration of process flow by potentiometer, the proportion of decrease of which was evaluated in accordance to impacted dose of antral in substrate and restorative activity was defined potentiometrically (mV/0.1ml C ∙ min) using a system of pen microelectrodes that were inserted in thermostated polarographic cell).

Results. In the experimental samples of semen in comparison with the control sample the respiratory and restorative activities were reduced; dose 1/500 LD50 to 58.8% and dose 1/100 LD50 to 68.5%; restorative activity – to 66.7% and 54.5% correspondingly.

Conclusion. Antral reduces the survival of sperm being irrespective of dose.

Для цитирования: Матысик С.И., Кузьминов Б.П., Остапив Д.Д. Цитотоксическое действие гепатопротектора антраля на сперму быков. Гигиена и санитария. 2020; 99 (2): 206-209. DOI:

For citation: Matysik S.I., Kuzminov B.P., Ostapiv D.D. Cytotoxic action of hepatoprotector Antral on bull sperm. Gigiena i Sanitaria (Hygiene and Sanitation, Russian journal). 2020; 99(2): 206-209. (In Russ.). DOI:


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