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The manufacture and practical use of donor blood preparations and components and standard reagents from blood are carried out in accordance with their ABO group appurtenance. Deficit of diagnostic agents and blood products of a certain group is explained by uneven distribution of humans by blood groups in the population. Group-specific polysaccharides A and group-specific polysaccharides B (substances of immunomodulating drugs fruglumin A and fruglumin B) are suggested for ABO standardization at the stage of manufacture of standard reagents for detection of Rh-Hr antigens and other erythrocytic reagents and hemoproducts for clinical use. The use of these polysaccharides is expected to completely neutralize a- and b-isohemagglutinins with the formation of stable antigen-antibody complexes without modulating the activities of isoantibodies of other specificity. Group-specific polysaccharides cause no changes in the secondary hemostasis values - plasma activated partial thromboplastin time, prothrombin time, and thrombin time and in factor VIII activity in cryoprecipitate. Immunization of donors by group-specific polysaccharide substances will lead to a significant elevation of plasma isohemagglutinin titers and can be recommended for use in the manufacture of standard sera for detection of ABO blood groups.

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