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Production of allogenic antibodies to leukocyte and platelet antigens (anti-HLA and anti-HPA) in patients with blood system diseases, receiving transfusions of blood components


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Resistance to transfusions of blood components is caused by production of antibodies to donor platelet and leukocyte surface antigens. The incidence of HLA and HPA antibodies was significantly higher in patients with a history of transfusions. These antibodies were detected in 93% patients with aplastic anemia, 75% patients with hematological malignancies, and 65.6% patients with hemostasis disorders. Various combinations of antibodies were found in 56.7, 46.7, and 38.1% cases, respectively. Antibodies were rare - detected in just solitary cases - in patients without history of transfusions, mainly in women with a history of pregnancy. These data indicated high probability of allosensitization to leukocyte and/or platelet antigens after transfusions of blood components. This fact suggests the selection of the donor-recipient pair with consideration for their compatibility.

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