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The innovative vaccine against pneumococcus infection in prevention of exacerbations of chronic diseases in adults


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The pneumococcus infection ranks one of leading positions in structure of diseases resulting in fatal outcome without any dependence on age, especially among children of fi rst year of life and in age group older than 55 years. According the new WHO strategy, vaccination against the given infection is to be included into national calendars of vaccination among mentioned categories of population. The old-established polysaccharide vaccine demonstrated its effectiveness in children older than 2 years and in adults. However, its clinical and immunologic effect was characterized by hipo-responsiveness. The development of conjugated pneumococcus vaccines made a reality prevention of mentioned infection in children of early age. This occurrence permitted to include these vaccines into national calendars of vaccination of 113 countries. During last years, effectiveness of 13-valence conjugate pneumococcus vaccine in prevention of non-invasive (45%) and invasive (75%) pneumococcus infection brought on by vaccine serotypes was established also for adults. The results of national studies of vaccination with the very same vaccine of patients with chronic bronchopulmonary pathology demonstrate decreasing of number of exacerbations and morbidity of pneumonias and hospitalizations up to 5-11times. At that, improvement of quality of life of this category of patients and decreasing of costs of medical care support are observed. Hence, necessity of implementation of immunization by conjugate pneumococcus vaccine into standards of curative preventive activities.

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