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The comparative analysis of questionnaires of evaluation of life quality of patients with tuberculosis of lungs in process of applied treatment


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Nowadays, tuberculosis continue to be one of actual problems of health care. The increasing of effectiveness of modern anti-tuberculosis therapy permitted to decrease mortality of patients with tuberculosis of lungs and to focus attention on problem ofprevention of their disablement. The purpose of study is to carry out comparative analysis of questionnaires for evaluating quality of life ofpatients with tuberculosis of lungs in process of successfully implementing of treatment with the view of selecting questionnaire most completely reflecting occurring alterations. The sampling of 42 patients with tuberculosis of lungs was examined at stage of completion of implemented treatment. All patients were applied spirometry. The following questionnaires were applied to analyze quality of life: SF-36, the Saint George hospital questionnaire (SGRQ) and questionnaire of chronic respiratory diseases (CRQ). The study was carried out twice in process of effective treatment with two months interim. The sensitivity of questionnaires was determined by effect size calculated by formula: [(average value at first examination - average value at second examination)/standard deviation at first examination]. In the process of treatment all patients with tuberculosis of lungs attained significant amelioration of quality of life that was demonstrated in questionnaire of SF-36 by all components besides one that decreased its effectiveness. The size of alterations of quality of life according general value of CRQ was low and amounted to 0.27. The Saint George hospital questionnaire (SGRQ) had maximal sensitivity to positive alterations resulting of applied treatment (effect size 0.39-0.49 for components and 0.47 for total value). Therefore, it was recommended as a tool of evaluation of quality of life in patients with tuberculosis in processes of implementing treatment.

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