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The role of geo-ecological factors in development of sarcoidosis morbidity in Tomsk and the Tomsk region


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The article presents data concerning prevalence of sarmidosis in Tomsk and the Tomsk region for 16 years and impacting of ecological and geochemical factors (elemental composite of incrustation of snow, soils) on disease. The sarmidosis morbidity of individuals without undergoing impact of occupational hazards is reliably higher in areas with increased anthropogenic loading (the Oktiabrskii district of Tomsk, the Tomsk rural district, the North- Eastern sector, city of Seversk, Parabelskii and Kolpashevskii districts, Strejevoii). The positive associations were established between sarmidosis morbidity and content of sodium in incrustation of snow, cerium in soil. The sarmidosis with severe recurrent course correlated positively with lutetium and chrome of soils and negatively with barium in incrustation of snow.

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