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Vol 60, № 5 (2016)


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Certain issues of evaluation of medical care quality in the health care system of the Russian Federation PDF
Guseva Nataliya K., Berdutin V.A. 228-233
The criteria and indices of evaluation of quality of out-patient medical care in case of chronic diseases exemplified by microvascular complications of diabetes mellitus PDF
Udovichenko Oleg V., Meshkov D.O., Berseneva E.A. 233-239
The foreign experience and its impact on development of national model of manpower training in the field of health care management PDF
Reshetnikov V.A., Skvirskaya Galina P., Gadzhaaliev G.Sh., Sulkina F.A. 240-244
The structure of working timetable and work measurement of medical nurse of general practitioner in conditions of municipal polyclinic PDF
Kalininskaya Aleftina A., Gadzhieva L.M. 245-250
The organization of high-tech medical care of patients with ischemic heart diseasein the Far East federal region in 2004-2013 PDF
Bogachevskaya Svetlana A., Bogachevskiy A.N., Kapitonenko N.A. 251-259


The sanitary hygienic characteristics of labor conditions in production of polyesters of terephthalic acid PDF
Karamova L.M., Krasovskiy V.O., Basharova G.R., Vlasova Natalya V. 260-263


About legal assignment of application of techniques of health risk evaluation in the legislation of the Russian Federation regulating sanitary epidemiological well-being of population PDF
Karelin A.O., Lomtev A.Yu., Eremin Gennadiy B., Mozzhukhina N.A. 264-268


The activity of health centers related to prevention of diseases in children PDF
Berezin I.I., Budarina I.Yu., Ugnich K.A., Suchkov Vyacheslav V. 269-272
The problems of implementation of systems of electronic work flow in medical PDF
Gaydyshev I.P., Gubin A.V., Kobyzev A.E., Kosintsev S.V., Sergeenko Alla S. 273-276


Resolution from roundtable discussion “The contribution of circulatory system diseases in the overall mortality: issues and concerns”, May 11, 2016, Moscow PDF

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