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Introduction. Improving the public health of the population and, above all, reducing mortality is the main goal and the main criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of the reforms carried out in various fields. The mortality rate of the population appears not only in documents relating to the assessment of the performance of health facilities and the quality of medical services.The purpose of the study was to develop approaches to calculating the economic losses of the working population. The objectives of the study included the unification of the formula “Lost years of forthcoming life” for the able-bodied population and its approbation using the example of calculating economic losses due to mortality in road traffic accidents. Materials and methods. The study used data from the Chelyabinsk Regional Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination on the number of people killed in road accidents in the region. The study was based on guidelines for using the indicator “Lost Years of Potential Life”. Results. As shown by a study approved by Academician V.I. Starodubov formula for calculating the lost years of life ahead is best suited for calculating the economic damage from mortality of the working age population in the context of various causes. With the help of the proposed formula, it is possible to calculate not only economic damage, but also the economic efficiency of health programs and other organizational measures in the field of health organization. Discussion. An important aspect in the calculation of economic damage is the need to take into account the level of unemployment, the indicator of gross profit of the economy and gross mixed income and the balance of labor resources. The formula proposed in this article, taking into account the above additional indicators, can be used to calculate economic losses due to the mortality of the working-age population using the example of individual constituent entities of the Russian Federation or individual municipalities. Conclusion. These calculations must be taken into account in the formation of regional health systems, as well as the justification of the financial costs of activities in the field of health care and prevention, including in the context of individual municipalities of the Russian Federation.

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