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The problem of the availability of doctors and nurses is particularly relevant in rural areas. The purpose of the study is to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of the Zemsky Doctor program in the Tyumen Region. To achieve the goal, a number of tasks were solved: analysis of number, composition and movement of program participants; analysis of the impact of the program on the availability of doctors in the rural population; analysis of the reasons for early termination of contracts. Materials and methods. The study was conducted by the Tyumen State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia with the assistance of the Health Department of the Tyumen Region in 2018 on the basis of processing and analyzing statistical data on 520 doctors who participated in the Zemsky Doctor program in the Tyumen Region (without autonomous districts). Results. The main reason for early termination of contracts on the initiative of the program participant is the acquisition of housing in another settlement. The analysis showed that the majority of early termination of contracts falls on recipients of payments in 2012-2014. Discussion. The criterion of effectiveness of the program is the provision of doctors for the population. The analysis led to the conclusion that “Zemsky Doctor” program contributed to the improvement of the rural population’s supply of doctors, at the same time, the annual average growth rate of provision of doctors during the period of the program implementation was 5,7%, the maximum value of the indicator was noted in 2015-2016. Currently, the problem of retaining recruited specialists in rural areas is particularly relevant. Conclusion. The results of study can be used by regional authorities, management of medical organizations when deciding on the further implementation of Zemsky Doctor program, as well as in making managerial decisions on the issues of human resources for rural healthcare generally.

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