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Introduction. Among the problems of health care during the reform period, the problem of quality management of medical care and effective management of the medical organization is particularly highlighted. The purpose of the study is to determine the main priorities of effective management of the medical organization of obstetric and gynecological profile to ensure the proper quality of medical care to the population. Materials and methods. We carried out quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the perinatal center in the period 2015-2017. Studied the efficiency of the administration of the human resources capacity of health organizations quality indicators of the hospital bed Fund and the financial-economic activity of enterprises. Results. The effective activity of the institution in the conditions of the established perinatal center is Shown due to the chosen strategy and tactics of the phased development of new obstetric, neonatal, inpatient-replacement technologies, the provision of highly specialized care with the use of modern equipment and medicines, which allowed to expand the range and volume of Advisory and diagnostic and treatment services, to reduce the level of perinatal and maternal losses. Discussion. The strengths of the organizational activities of the perinatal center management include: the inclusion of women’s consultation in the structure of the perinatal center, ensuring the continuity of care for gynecological and pregnant patients; state social support for motherhood and childhood, changing the conditions and procedure for the provision of free medical care to the population; functioning on the basis of the perinatal center of the Department of pathology of newborns, Department of resuscitation and intensive care of newborns, consultative and diagnostic and gynecological departments. The weak side of the organization can be attributed to the shortage of highly qualified personnel (doctors, nurses and Junior medical staff). Conclusion. In order to effectively use the resources of the institution, it is important to change the approach to the provision of material resources and their rational use in the process of the institution’s activities. The chosen strategy and tactics of management decision-making makes it possible to improve the quality and availability of medical care for pregnant women, mothers, maternity and newborn children.

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