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Introduction. The quality of medical care is the main target function and criterion of the health care system. The aim of the study is to assess the quality of medical care, based on the analysis of the existing system of internal control of quality and safety of medical activities. Materials and methods. The analysis of the activity of the quality management system of medical care in 2016-2018 in the Medical center of the Far Eastern Federal University (MC FEFU), providing high-tech medical care were made. The material for the study was a prospective and retrospective study of the documentation of treated patients, questionnaire survey of patients, applied systematic and statistical analysis. Results. There was a decrease in the hospital mortality rate from 0.4% in 2016 to 0.2% in 2018; a high rate of surgical activity: 86.2% in 2016, 80.9% in 2017 and 88.3% in 2018; a sufficiently high satisfaction of patients with the quality of medical care (95.4%); the integral efficiency coefficient (CI) is 0.88-0.93, which indicates the quality of medical care provided by the staff of FEFU MC. Discussion. An important component of the quality management concept of MC FEFU is the introduction of innovative approaches in the organization of medical care: the versatility of the bed fund, combined into centers; decentralization of the registry; ‘tablet distribution’ system; individual approach to patients during complex examinations; the stages of medical care (outpatient, inpatient, rehabilitation). To further improve the system of quality control and safety of medical activities requires the development and implementation of a single medical information system that combines all stages of medical care in the MC FEFU, modern medical technologies, including rehabilitation. Conclusion. The results of internal quality control indicate the high efficiency of medical care provided to the population of Primorsky Krai in need of high-tech medical care.

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