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The purpose of the study: an assessment of the diagnostic capabilities of clinical-anamnestic and functional research methods for the timely diagnosis and monitoring of the level of bronchial asthma (BA) control in children. Material and methods. Design is based on a retrospective cohort study. The article presents the clinical and anamnestic characteristics of 872 patients with a verified diagnosis of BA who were examined under inpatient conditions of the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital (Ufa). Сlinical, allergological, functional, statistical, analytical research methods were used in the work. Results. The age of children diagnosed with BA was 6 [4; 9] years. The debut of atopic BA was at the age of 3 [2; 5] years with preservation of high trigger level of viral infection in 56,09% of children and physical activity in 39,79% of children. In 91,85% children with BA, the manifestations of the disease symptoms were year-round with a significant proportion of household allergens in the sensitization spectrum in 72,70%. It was shown there was no difference in the assessment of respiratory function on the results of spirography and pulsed oscillometry in children with asthma (χ2=0,1432; p=0,7057). Discussion. According to the results, there was a lag in diagnosing children with BA, an average of 3 years after the first episodes of obstructive syndrome. As a rule, the debut of atopic BA was traced at an early age against the background of viral infection, which made it difficult for a timely diagnosis of BA in children. The comparability of the results of functional methods makes it possible to equally effectively apply spirography and pulsed oscillometry in the algorithms for the diagnosis and control of BA in children. Conclusion. The potential debut of BA in children at early age after the first episodes of obstructive syndrome, while maintaining a high trigger level of a viral infection, the year-round manifestations of the symptoms of the disease should alarm pediatricians and encourage more active tactics for managing young children with the involvement of specialists.

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