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The basis for the development of modern health care remains the improvement of the organization of medical care to the population. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the organization of high-tech medical care (HMC) for the population of Primorsky Krai in the medical center of the Far Eastern Federal University. Material and methods. The medical documentation of the patients treated in the medical center for 2016-2018 was used, including system and statistical analyses. Results. In 2018, the state task for providing HMC was completed in the amount of 4024 hospitalizations, which was 100% of the approved volumes, of which 2064 cases of HMC performed at the expense of the Federal budget (HMC FB), and 1960 cases of HMC included in the basic program of mandatory medical insurance (HMC MMI). Hospital admissions for neurosurgery (25.8%) and cardiac surgery (23.9%) predominate when providing HMC FB. Rheumatology takes the first place (58.5%), cardiac surgery takes the second place (12.9%), and neurosurgery takes the third place (9.7%). The mortality rate for HMC MMI is 0.25%, the mortality rate for HMC FB is 0.44%. In the dynamics of 2016-2018, the mortality rate in the provision of HMC decreased by 0.3%. The indicators of the use of the bed in the provision of HMC are high: the rate of increase in bed turnover for 3 years was 43.9%. The average length of a patient’s stay in a bed decreased by 21% from 6.2 days in 2016 to 4.9 days in 2018. Discussion. The study revealed a number of shortcomings in the organization of HMC services. The level of demand of the population of Primorsky Krai for HMC is not determined, so it is difficult to plan, organize and provide optimal resources for HMC in health care institutions; there is a lack of awareness of primary care physicians about HMC. Conclusion. Recommendations for the development of measures aimed at increasing the volume and improving the results of providing HMC to the population are proposed.

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