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Introduction. The analysis of reference literature as well as the routine medical practice attests to the fact that the process of making management decisions in medical organizations is underresearched. The aim is providing scientific rationale for making management decisions in medical organizations. Material and methods. An anonymous survey of 112 health managers who attended proficiency enhancement training cycle at the center of continuing professional education was conducted. The selection of experts was determined by their professional experience, expertise and opinion consistency. Results. It has been found that in the structure of management decisions systemized by their the method of their making rational ones prevail - 45.6 per cent (adaptive 36.1, intuitive - 18.3) in healthcare organizations. The significance of their steps was also evaluated and it has been defined to be the highest for problem diagnostics and final choice. The priority features (specificity and promptness) and factors (certainty and interdependence) defining quality and influencing management decision making in healthcare organizations as well as limitations (resource deficiency, statutory legal framework) and reasons (a person sees just a few options out of a large number, it’s impossible to foresee the consequences of each option, time shortage) hindering this process have been identified. It was demonstrated that of the established list of management decision making methods the quantitative one, economic analysis, diagnostics, decomposition, analogy and brainstorm are used virtually more often in healthcare organizations. The matter of planning for implementation of decisions done in just half of all cases has been estimated. Strengthening of control over execution of decisions and enhancing professional expertise for health managers as well as performance discipline have been defined to be the major ways of decision making optimization in healthcare organizations. Conclusion. The scientific rationale for the number of aspects of decision making in medical organizations is provided; it may be used for practices.

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