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Changes in the concentration of circulating immune complexes, complement activity and ige and igg levels in the blood and lymph in the experimental anaphylactic shock and Arthus phenomenon


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The changes of the concentration of the CIC, complement activity and levels of immunoglobulin E, G in the blood and lymph in experimental anaphylactic shock and the Arthus phenomenon. Experiments were carried out on 27 rabbits «Chinchilla» in two series. As a control served studied parameters of circulating immune complexes, complement, and IgG and IgE levels in blood and lymph of intact animals. The results showed that the concentration of the CIC and increased levels of IgE in anaphylactic shock, whereas IgG levels decreased during this period. In the period of Arthus phenomenon the levels of IgE in the blood decreases, and the concentration of IgG and CIC increased. Complement titer decreases in both reactions and is not determined in the period of shock. Changes in these indicators in the blood is more significant than in the lymph.

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