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Immunomodulators and inactivated vaccines as means of prompt prophylaxy of acute viral infections and of chronic viral diseases control


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To enhance the immunogenicity of vaccines, immunomodulators are applied in combination with them. In our experimental and clinical studies, the Russia-manufactured compounds ridostin, hyaferon, polyribonate and thymosin were used with the vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) and herpes simplex (HSV-1 and -2 infection). The experimental results in mice have shown that ridostin and polyribonate inncombination with the inactivated anti-tick-borne-encephalitis vaccine provide a reliable protection. In mice infected with 10 LD50 of TBE virus, a steady rise of both protection and life expectancy have been observed. An anti-herpetic inactivated vaccine has been used in combination with hyaferon in 28 patients with chronic herpetic infection to prevent recurrences of the disease. A positive anti-recurrence effect has been achieved in 96% of genital herpes cases. The use of the vaccine only has lowered this effect down to 84%. The observed difference is statistically highly reliable as well as the difference in the indexes of health improvement (39.3% versus 28.0%).

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