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HLA class II genes in the kazakh population


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Kazakhstan has been inhabited by different peoples, such as the Kazakhs, Russians, Uzbeks and others. In the present study for their human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DRB1 alleles in Kazakhs were studied. A total of 157 blood samples were collected in 2010-2011 from healthy adult Kazakh individuals. HLA-DRB1, allele polymorphisms were typed by sequencebased typing (SBT) method. Allele frequencies, neighbour joining dendrograms and multidimensional scaling analysis have been obtained with comparison with other Kazakhs and worldwide populations. Statistical analyses were performed using Arlequin v. 3.11. In total 34 alleles were detected at the HLA-DRB1 locus, 17 alleles at the HLA-DQA1 and 19 alleles at the HLA-DQB1 locus. HLA-DRB1 neighbor-joining tree shows how the Kazakhs cluster together with Asian and Siberian populations and are separate from Mediterranean populations and also from the European and American populations. The present data may be useful to further understand their genetic background and origination of Kazakh population. Our study is important for further research on population genetics and genetic related diseases in Kazakhs.

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