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Studying of immunogenic activity of allergenic extracts of pollen of plants for identification of minor foreign antigens


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Now for carrying out an allergenspecific immunotherapy use the allergenic extracts (AG), being characterized biological activity, thus the component structure usually isn’t considered. However minor impurity can correlate the general immune answer of the patient with genetic predisposition to hypersensitivity. The purpose of work consisted in identification in commercial AG of pollen of anemogamous plants of minor impurity of antigens of fungi associated with pollen in nature by studying of immunogenic activity of AG. Immunochemical binding of rabbit polyclonal antisera against pollen AG of Alnus glutinosa, Betula pendula, Corylus avellana, Dactylis glomerata, Artemisia absinthium, Phleum pretense with suspensions of mycelial and yeast fungi (106 CFU/ml) and commercially available fungal AG (1 mkg/ml) was studied by ELISA. It is shown that AG of pollen of plants induced production of IgG possessing immunochemical affinity concerning several suspensions and AG the mycelial and yeast fungi. Thus, studying of immunogenic activity allows to reveal minor impurity of foreign antigens in allergenic preparations indirectly. Respectively, this parameter should be considered as one more criterion of biological activity of AG.

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