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Features of adaptive reactions of immune and endocrine system at males of mice of F1 (C57BL/6 х DBA/2) at the food deprivation, cognitive tension and in the conditions of the enriched environment


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The immune and endocrine system adaptive responses to the food deprivation, cognitive tension and enriched environment were studied insufficiently. The research objective was to study thymus and spleen morphological and functional status, cytokine profile in splenocytes, stimulated by concanavalin A as well as the level of a peptide hormone, leptin in mice F1 (C57BL/6 × DBA/2) at the conditions of food deprivation, cognitive tension and influence of the enriched environment was studied. Using morphometry and enzyme immunoassay analysis, the changes in thymus and spleen morphology and function under the simulated conditions were established testifying activation of immune system. The level of proinflammatory cytokines in splenocytes was raised under the cognitive tension that occurred simultaneously with decrease of the leptin level in blood. Conversely, increasing of a leptin level was combined with decreasing of proinflammatory cytokine secretion in splenocytes under the enriched environment. The combination of these facts can specify that leptin is involved in modulation of psychoemotional state, training, memory, and also the immune reactivity.

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