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Autoantibodies against hormones and phospholipids in pregnant women with systemic lupus erithematosus


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SLE often develops in women of reproductive age and is characterized by the production of autoantibodies against multiple autoantigens, mainly against the components of the nucleus. Pregnancy in patients with SLE is high risk for both mother and fetus. Objective: to study the prevalence of autoantibodies against hormones and phospholipids in pregnant women with SLE and their association with pregnancy complications. Antibodies (IgM, IgG) against hormones and ntiphospholipid antibodies (aPL) were determined in the blood serum of pregnant women with SLE (n=40) and healthy pregnant women (n=43) using ELISA. Those and other antibodies are often detected in SLE (respectively, 65% and 27.5%). Antibodies against human chorionic gonadotropin (ahCG), progesterone (aPg), cardiolipin and β2-glycoprotein-I were found in patients with SLE more frequently, and their levels were higher than those in healthy pregnant women (p<0,0001). Antibodies against hormones were found in different forms of SLE, more often in lupus flare during pregnancy and in the presence of antibodies against the components of the nucleus (70,6%), and correlated with the last (r=0,3407; p=0,0363). In patients with antibodies against hormones the pregnancy was often complicated by early threatened abortion (50%) and preterm delivery (30,8%), activation of intravascular coagulation during pregnancy (57,7%) and in the postpartum period (73,1%); ahCG IgG were associated with early threatened abortion (AUC=0,722; p=0,0105). Thus, aPL and antibodies against hormones were often found in pregnant women with SLE, the last detected more frequently in the presence of antinuclear antibodies and in lupus flare during pregnancy; ahCG IgG were significantly associated with early threatened abortion.

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