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Autoimmune homeostasis evaluation in humans vaccinated against hepatitis B


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We evaluated the possibility of pathologic shifts in autoimmune homeostasis in persons who have received vaccination against hepatitis B virus. Materials and Methods. Protective antibodies against HBsAg and soluble factors of autoimmunity: autoantibodies to double-strand DNA, cardiolipin (IgM and IgG), rheumatoid factor and high- and low molecular weight circulating immune complexes, were ELISA-measured in serum of vaccinated people before and one month after vaccination. Also we evaluated percentage of T-regulatory cells in peripheral blood samples and the ability of mononuclear cells to produce IL-17 after short stimulation. Results. Before vaccination most of participants had increased levels of autoantibodies. One month after single dose of hepatitis B vaccine, the levels of IgM antibodies against DNA and IgG antibodies against cardiolipin decreased (1,13 times and 1,27 times respectively), but T-regulatory cells percentage increased in peripheral blood samples by 1,64 times. Single dose of vaccine induced HBsAg-specific antibody levels in 42% of vaccinated patients. Conclusion. Vaccination against hepatitis B did not induce pathologic shifts in autoimmune homeostasis, furthermore it demonstrated immunoregulatory effect yet being highly effective as prophylaxis.

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