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Application of multiplex fluorescent immunoassay biochips for screening in allergological diagnostics: comparison of results with test systems MAST-CLA and ALLERG-O-LIQ


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We have compared the prototype of Allergobiochip test system (developed at IMB RAS) with two commercial test systems: ALLERG-O-LIQ reverse allergosorbent test (Specific IgE REAST, Dr. Fooke Laboratorien GmbH, Germany) and MAST- CLA multiplex allergosorbent test (Hitachi, USA). The analysis of 205 human serum samples, characterized by ALLERG- O-LIQ, and 221 serum samples, characterized by MAST-CLA, has been carried out on the allergochips. Comparison of biochip analysis results with the results obtained on ALLERG-O-LIQ test-system showed that linear weighted Cohen's kappa (k) coefficient of concordance was equal to 0.718, the area under the ROC-curve (AUC) - 0.943. When comparing the data obtained on allergochips with MAST-CLA results: k was equal to 0.586, the AUC - 0.813. The data obtained suggest that the allergochips along with other commercial test-systems could be used for multiplex screening of a broad panel of specific IgE to allergens and their components.

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