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Algorithm of identification of age changes of the immune status at the personnel of mining and chemical combine of Zheleznogorsk


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Results of long-term immunological monitoring with an assessment of the immune status (IS) at the personnel of the main production of the Mining and Chemical Combine (MChC) of the city of Zheleznogorsk depending on age are analyzed. The analysis is carried out in comparison to dynamics of IS of the personnel of the control production which doesn't have the direct contact with factors of professional harm but indirectly subject to their influence, and the population of the city which isn't working at combine, but living in the area of its placement. Age dynamics of IS is analyzed by means of comparison of average values and quantitative distribution of changes of indicators of IS in age groups and the analysis of their correlations with age. It is shown that after 40 years on indicators of average values at the part of the personnel, perhaps more radio sensitive, signs of aging of immune system came to light: decrease in CD3-T-lymphocytes, increase of CD16+-NK-cells and the level of serum IgA. With increase in age increase of shares of persons with decrease in an index of immunoregulation which size considerably increased in group of the personnel of 60 years was observed and is more senior that points to prevalence of regulatory insufficiency of the T-cellular link over quantitative. The most often deviating indicators of IS and algorithm of their dynamics at the personnel of the main production MChC depending on age are revealed. Changes in IS of the personnel at younger groups on age: decrease in quantity of lymphocytes, moderate increase of percentage of CD3-T-lymphocytes and CD16-NK-cells, low indicators of shares of persons with insufficiency of CD3-, CD4-T-lymphocytes and absence them among the most often deviating parameters, - testify that they are caused by reaction of adaptation of immune system to working conditions at influence of factors of professional harm.

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