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Vol 37, № 5 (2016)


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Pathogenetic aspects of the insolvency of the immune system in the dynamics of HIV infection PDF
Sizyakina Lyudmila P., Andreeva I.I. 228-232


Constitutional basis of the levels of spontaneous and induced production of cytokines TNA-a, IL-1β, IL-4, IL-6 and IL-10 in healthy individuals of the european population of Russia PDF
Shevchenko Alla Vladimirovna, Konenkov V.I., Prokof’ev V.F., Poveshchenko O.V., Lykov A.P., Bondarenko N.A., Kim I.I. 232-238


The influence of recombinant HCV proteins core and NS3 on maturation and functions of dendritic cells generated in vitro with interferon-alpha PDF
Oleynik Ekaterina A., Leplina O.Yu., Tyrinova T.V., Tikhonova M.A., Pyrinova G.B., Ostanin A.A., Starostina N.M., Chernykh E.R. 239-245
The impairement of cytotoxic activity of dendritic cells in glioma patients: mechanisms and approaches to correction PDF
Tyrinova Tamara V., Leplina O.Yu., Mishinov S.V., Tikhonova M.A., Kalinovskiy A.V., Chernov S.V., Dolgova E.V., Potter E.A., Bogachev S.S., Stupak V.V., Ostanin A.A., Chernykh E.R. 246-252


Tumor necrosis factor-alpha release by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells treated in vitro with anticancer drug etoposide PDF
Potapnev Mikhail Petrovich, Vashkevich E.P., Petyovka N.V., Belevtsev M.V. 253-255


Autoimmune homeostasis evaluation in humans vaccinated against bacterial and viral respiratory infections PDF
Matveichev Alexey Valeryevich, Talayeva M.V., Talaev V.Yu., Tsiganova M.I., Nikitina Z.I., Mokhonova E.V., Koptelova V.N., Svarval A.V., Ferman R.S., Lapin V.A., Melentev D.A. 256-261
The changes of adaptive immune system as a pathogenesis link of crush syndrome PDF
Saidov Marat Siyavdinovich, Dalgatova A.A., Israilova G.R., Adueva S.M. 262-267


The immune dysfunction in the structure of comorbid diseases in the combatants in the late period of observation PDF
Zaitseva Natalia Sergeevna, Sizyakina L.P. 267-270
The level of proand anti-inflammatory cytokines, indicators of complement system in urine and blood plasma and functional activity of circulating neutrophils in acute pyelonephritis PDF
Shatokhin Maxim Nikolaevich, Konoplya A.I., Mavrin M.Yu., Dzharimok A.R., Kalyuzhin O.V., Bykov A.S., Evsegneeva I.V. 271-276


Method creation of nickel-activated surface on polystyrene plates for immobilization of recombinant peptides containing histidine PDF
Tkachov Sergey Victorovich, Fomina E.H., Vladiko A.S. 276-280


Regulation of apoptosis during dendritic cell maturation - invitation to an execution PDF
Talayev Vladimir Yurevich, Zaichenko I.E., Matveichev A.V., Talayeva M.V., Voronina E.V. 281-291
Methods of induction tolerogenic dendritic cells in animals and humans PDF
Sennikov Sergey Vitalievitch, Obleukhova I.A. 291-296


Professor Firuz Yusupovich Gharib (the 70th anniversary of birth) PDF

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