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Adiponertin as humoral mediator of feedback in adipocytes of subcutaneous fatty tissue. Phylogenetic theory of general pathology; functional difference of leptin and adiponertin


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In spite of difference both in concentration of mono- and oligomers and in humoral regulation of visceral fatty cells and subcutaneous adipocytes, leptin and adiponectin are phylogenetically two different humoral mediators of biological function of trophology in paracrin regulated cenosises and at the level of organism. They separately regulate in visceral fatty cells and adipocytes realization by fatty cells such biological reactions as exotrophy, deposit of fatty acids and triglycerides and endotrophy (releasing of fatty acids in form of unesterified fatty acids). They are related both physiologically and under development of pathology. The surplus induction by physiological substrate (food), besides its amount, is aphysiological effect of environment - syndrome of overeating. The accumulation of surplus saturated and monoenic fatty acids in triglycerides in visceral fatty cells continues till: a) size of cells under their constant amount will exceed physiological size; b) there is no endoplasmic stress; c) loss of visceral fatty cells by type of apoptosis; d) development of biological reaction of inflammation in visceral fatty cells (autocrine) and paracrin cenosises; e) compensating increase of synthesis by visceral fatty cells' mediator of feedback of leptin under development of metabolic syndrome. The deposit of fatty acids in form of triglycerides is proceeded by adipocytes in case that surplus induction by substrate continues. The algorithm of compensating effect of adiponectin on autocrine level and cenosises of cells is the same as for leptin in visceral fatty cells. Hence, formation of alimentary obesity and compensative activation of synthesis by adipocytes of adiponectin with regulation of feedback. How the effect of leptin and adiponectin at the level of organism under expressed difference of their structure is still to be exposed.

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