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The increase in the number of patients with hip pathologies among children of different ages makes the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases one of the most actually existing problems in modern orthopedics. The aim of the work was to determine the features of the lipid peroxidation system - antioxidant protection and hemogram indices in children with various forms of hip joint pathology. The results of a preoperative examination of 47 patients aged 6-15 years (average age 10.3 years) who were treated at the clinic “FSBI NICC“ TO ”named after academician G. A. Ilizarova, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. There were 25 boys and 20 girls. Given nosology, patients were divided into five groups. The diagnosis was established on the basis of a clinical and radiological examination. Group I consisted of 8 male patients with stage II Perthes disease (mean age 8.75 + 1.63). Group II includes 16 patients (8 boys, 7 girls) with stage III Perthes disease. (average age 11.80 + 0.89). Group III included 12 patients (6 boys, 6 girls) with aseptic necrosis of the femoral head (average age 14.7 + 2.35). Group IV consisted of 4 patients (1 boy, 3 girls) with epiphyseal dysplasia. (average age 10.25 + 1.36). Group V includes 7 patients with hip dysplasia complicated by aseptic necrosis of the femoral head (mean age 8.33 + 2.11). The norm is the data that was obtained after examining 10 healthy male adolescents (age 13-14) and 5 female adolescents (age 8-14 years). Changes in lipid peroxidation rates and antioxidant activity are unidirectional in different forms of pathology of the hip joints in children, and the content of peroxidation products reliably correlates with hemogram values in stage II osteochondropathy and complicated hip dysplasia. In the complex of diagnostic measures for children with dystrophic lesions of the hip joint, to clarify the nature and stage of the pathological process, as additional criteria, hemogram indicators and lipid peroxidation systems - antioxidant protection can be used.

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