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Currently, in the diagnosis of diseases, a decisive place is given to laboratory methods, which should be informative, relatively simple to perform and rapid. The article describes the approbation of a method for rapid detection of Escherichia coli and bacteria of Escherichia coli group in the oral cavity. Research involved 44 volunteers, who were sampled from the oral cavity, followed by incubation in Koda’s medium. The study used oral (n=11) and gingival fluids (n=11); smears-prints from the oral mucosa (n=11); dental biofilm (n=11). After 24 hours, the change in color and transparency of the medium was assessed. The preservation of the initial green color and transparency by the medium meant the absence of E. coli and bacteria of Escherichia coli group in the sample. A change in the color of the medium to yellow, turbidity and / or the formation of bubbles indicated the presence of E. coli and bacteria of Escherichia coli group. In parallel, the material was inoculated onto Endo agar, followed by identification of strains to species. As a result of the study, a complete coincidence of the results of the classical bacteriological method and the method using Koda medium was shown. In the latter case, a significant advantage is the speed of obtaining the result (18-20 hours), in contrast to the classical method, the interpretation of the results of which is available only after 72 hours or more. All of this is in line with the state of the art in clinical microbiology and rapid diagnosis based on «point-of-care testing / doctor’s office» diagnostic principle. The presented method can be successfully applied in clinical practice for topical diagnosis of microorganisms E. coli and bacteria of Escherichia coli group in the oral cavity.

Для цитирования: Годовалов А.П., Задорина И.И., Быкова Л.П., Пастухов Д.М., Яковлев М.В. Способ экспресс-детекции Escherichia coli и бактерий группы кишечной палочки в ротовой полости. Клиническая лабораторная диагностика. 2022; 67(3): 177-179.

For citation: Godovalov A.P., Zadorina I.I., Bykova L.P., Pastukhov D.M., Yakovlev M.V. Express detection of Escherichia coli and bacteria of the Escherichia coli group at the oral cavity. Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika (Russian Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics). 2022; 67(3): 177-179 (in Russ.).


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