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To carry the comparative analysis of sample preparation methods for the most effective identification of Candida yeast by mass spectrometric analysis. 265 strains of yeast and yeast-like fungi isolated from the sputum of patients with pneumonia were investigated. The selected strains were identified by conventional methods (cultural, morphological, tinctorial, enzymatic properties) and MALDI-ToF MS using the Autoflex speed III Bruker Daltonics mass spectrometer (Germany) and Flex Control software. To evaluate the effectiveness of fungi species determinination, the comparative analysis of sample preparation was performed using 4 methods: direct application to the target, an extended direct application method, protein extraction using ethanol/formic acid or trifluoroacetic acid. The accelerated scheme of identification of fungi by the culture method does not provide clear and unambiguous results. When using mass spectrometric analysis, the reliability of the results depended on the sample preparation. A comparative study of the effectiveness of fungi species determination by various methods of the sample preparation of 50 clinical isolates was carried out. It was revealed that the extraction of cells using TFC acid does not lead to the appearance of the recordable protein spectra. The use of direct and extended direct application methods made it possible to establish the species only in 32-44% of the strains. The most effective method of sample preparation was the method using formic acid and ethanol, which allowed us to determine the species affiliation in 100% of the studied fungi (Score 2.0). Depending on the yeast species, a high statistical indicator (Score≥2.3) was registered for 42-100% of samples. The results of present study show that the use of MALDI-ToF MS is the most reliable and informative method of Candida spp.identification.

Для цитирования: Анисимова А.С., Полеева М.В., Аронова Н.В., Цимбалистова М.В., Павлович Н.В. Oсобенности идентификации грибов рода Candida с помощью масс-спектрометрического анализа (MALDI-ToF MS). Клиническая лабораторная диагностика. 2022; 67(4): 244-249.

For citation: Anisimova A.S., Poleeva M.V., Aronova N.V., Tsimbalistova M.V., Pavlovich N.V. Pecularities of Candida yeast identification by mass spectrometric analysis (MALDI-ToF MS). Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika (Russian Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics). 2022; 67(4): 244-249 (in Russ.).


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