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Research objective: development of a new technique of physiotherapy exercises in rehabilitation of children with orthopedic and neurologic diseases. Materials and methods: the technique is applied more than at 467 patients with various disturbances of a musculoskeletal system. The technique is based on use of proprioceptive proofreaders as “Propriofoot”. Advantages of this way of therapy are: purposeful correction of certain orthopedic disturbances, increase in efficiency parallel to the carried-out rehabilitation therapy; simplicity of implementation of the method connected with use of simple technical means and a variety of the technical and methodical approaches changed depending on severity of post-urological disturbances at the patient. Results: new approach to correction of various post-urological disturbances accompanying many neurologic and orthopedic diseases of the lower extremities, a pelvic girdle, a backbone is developed. Conclusions: use of a method of proprioceptive proofreaders leads to the pronounced improvement of results of rehabilitation, receiving earlier affirmative answers of treatment during the work with various pathologies, to turning on of additional mechanisms of post-urological regulation.

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