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Appeal procedure

Authors have a right to appeal editorial decisions to adopt or reject articles.

1. In case of disagreement with the editorial decision of acceptance or rejection of the article, the author refers to the relevant journal editors in writing indicating the reasons for treatment

2. Committee on Conflict Resolution of the respective journal considers the appeal

3. Change in editorial decisions regarding an article possible in cases where: – Author gave more actual results, which are not taken into account during the primary reviewing of the article – Author provided with information about conflict of interest that was not provided in the primary reviewing of this article – Author expresses his concern about biased reviews

4. If there are sufficient grounds the Committee on Conflict Resolution of the relevant journal makes a proposal for editorial board to change or to uphold the initial decision regarding the publication of the article

5. If necessary, editors may involve additional reviewer for final decision

6. Editorial board of the journal makes a decision regarding acceptance or rejection on the basis of reviewing of the initial decision

7. Editorial decision following its review of the initial decision is final and is not subject to appeal