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Article retraction

Article Retraction

Retraction of a published article is a measure of the last resort and may occur under circumstances such as:

– infringements of law and defamation;

– more than 20% of direct quotes or paraphrased material;

– false or inaccurate data that, if acted upon, would pose a serious health risk;

– a vague and incomplete description of conflicts of interests.

Article Retraction Procedure

1. Retraction of an article shall be initiated upon a written request by authors, readers, reviewers, editors, or publishers that shall be submitted to the journal in which the article was published.

2. The journal’s Commission on Conflict Resolution shall examine the request.

3. The Commission on Conflict Resolution shall decide to retract the article if there is sufficient evidence to do so.

4. Upon consideration of the request, the Commission on Conflict Resolution shall notify the person who initiated article removal of its decision.

5. Should the Commission decide to retract the article, this shall be agreed on with the authors, and the journal shall publish a retraction statement that shall include the article’s metadata.

6. If the journal’s articles are indexed in databases, the journal shall notify the databases that the article has been retracted and should not be cited, identifying the reasons for the retraction.