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Izdatelstvo Meditsina

Welcome to the website of the Izdatelstvo Meditsina

Since 1918 Izdatelstvo Meditsina specializes in the publication of Russian and foreign medical literature and medical periodicals

The first books, published in Izdatelstvo Meditsina, were devoted to the control of epidemics of typhus, dysentery, cholera and other diseases in large parts of the country during the civil war.
Of great importance there was the publication of works of such Russian scientists – coryphaeuses of the world science as I. M. Sechenov, I. P. Pavlov, N.I. Pirogov, S. P. Botkin, V.M. Bekhterev etc. To this day both a medical student and sophisticated researchers refer to their works. Following the traditions established in the earliest days of its development, Izdatelstvo Meditsina and now specializes in the publication of the best examples of scientific life in the area of medicine and health care.

Our authors are leading world-renowned scientists, heads of major medical and research centers, teachers of medical institutions, experienced practitioners. Izdatelstvo Meditsina releases monographs, atlases, textbooks, reference and popular scientific literature on all branches of medical science and health. The considerable place in the plans of Izdatelstvo Meditsina is occupied by courseware. By means of these textbooks there are trained physicians in all medical schools and colleges of Russia. The interest in readers is aroused in translated and joint publications. The subject-matter of these books is determined by the timeliness of problems considered in these manuals, their significance for the work of researchers and practitioners. Izdatelstvo Meditsina publishes 25 journals. The subject-matter of the journals covers all areas of medicine and healthcare.

25 journals publish original articles and reviews on topical problems of modern medicine, acquainting readers with the latest achievements of medical science. Readers of the journals – physicians, pharmacists, pharmacologists, managers and specialists of medical, research and educational institutions, all of them who form the policy in the field of healthcare.

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