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Vol 2, № 3 (2015)


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Table of Contents

Reviews of Literature

Angiogenic growth factors in the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia PDF
Murashko A.V., Faizullin A.L., Murashko L.E. 4-7

Original Papers

MRgFUS: New potentialities and better results of therapy PDF
Batarshina O.I., Sidorova I.S., Baranov I.I., Stepanov A.V., Ageev M.B., Kurashvili Yu.B. 8-12
Efficiency of organ-sparing treatment for uterine myoma PDF
Kurashvili Yu.B., Sidorova I.S., Ageev M.B., Batarshina O.I. 12-16
Potentialities of magnetic resonance tomography in differential diagnosis of uterine myoma of various types PDF
Kurashvili Yu.B., Sidorova I.S., Ageev M.B., Batarshina O.I. 16-19
Diagnosis and treatment of benign hyperplastic diseases of the uterus in women with endocrine metabolic disorders PDF
Masyakina A.V., Kudrina E.A. 20-24
Role of growth factors in the development of placental failure and pre-eclampsia PDF
Murashko A.V., Magomedova Sh.M. 25-28
Relationship between previous induced abortions and the course of labor and neonatal status PDF
Fedorova O.I., Maltseva A.E., Kuznetsova T.A. 28-32

Exchange of Experience

Urgent states in obstetrics. Experience gained by a mobile resuscitation center PDF
Evdokimov E.A., Bratishchev I.V., Shabunin A.V. 33-39
Pregnancy and heart disease: A viewpoint PDF
Krasnopolsky V.I., Mravyan S.R., Petrukhin V.A., Kovalenko T.S. 40-44

Clinical Recommendations

Intensive care for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. National clinical recommendations PDF


Surgical prevention and management of obstetrical hemorrhage PDF
Zharkin N.A. 54-55
Retrospective analysis of the course of pregnancy and labor in patients with disseminated sclerosis PDF
Muravin A.I., Boiko A.N., Murashko A.V., Popova E.V. 55-56

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