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Vol 26, № 10 (2023)


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PROCEEDINGS of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference of students and young scientists SPERANSKY READINGS-2023 (Moscow, 15 March 2023)

New facts of the biography of G.N. Speransky PDF
Shelkova V. N. 9-9
One-stage surgical treatment of a child with Prune belly syndrome PDF
Aidemirova A. Kh. 9-10
Features of the vegetative status of preschoolers with different somatotypes PDF
Alekseenko E. A., Galaktionova M. A., Sapleva Yu. E., Lisikhin I. S. 10-10
Experience in the use of multi-day 3G ECG monitoring in telemetry mode in children with cardiomyopathies PDF
Akhmedova E. E., Abashidze E. A. 11-11
Polyarteritis nodosa in the practice of a pediatrician PDF
Ashirova L. E., Ustyuzhanina D. V., Pisotskaya Yu. V., Bogacheva S. M. 11-12
Neurofibromatosis type I PDF
Bagautdinova A. R., Shakirzyanova G. R. 12-12
Transposition of the great vessels in a newborn infant PDF
Bapina G. S. 12-13
Allogeneic kidney transplant to a child with polycystic kidney disease PDF
Barsanova S. S. 13-13
The frequency and characteristics of gastroenterological complaints in case of family predisposition to stomach cancer in schoolchildren from Tyva PDF
Blashkina V. V. 13-14
Marshall syndrome in pediatric practice PDF
Bogacheva S. M., Pisotskaya Yu. V., Ustyuzhanina D. V., Ashirova L. E. 14-14
Familial form of cardiomyopathy with a dilated phenotype PDF
Burykina Yu. S., Zharova O. P. 14-15
Diagnostic features of oculo-auriculo-vertebral dysplasia PDF
Vasiliev I. S., Sidorov A. V., Myshkina E. V., Savateeva O. I. 15-15
Celiac disease: how ESPGHAN 2020 guidelines are used PDF
Verlyanko M. S. 15-16
The need for performing of neonatal screening PDF
Vysotskaya D. V., Razuvaeva Yu. Yu. 16-16
The state of health of infants over the first year of life, taking into account the mode of feeding PDF
Galaktionova M. A., Alekseenko E. A., Mits G. N., Lisikhin I. S. 16-17
Vaccine status and causes of its deterioration in children PDF
Galitskaya M. G., Lebedeva A. M. 17-17
Variants of the course of the Williams–Campbell syndrome PDF
Galkina O. P., Pushkareva A. E. 17-18
Analysis of the somatic burden in newborns with advanced retinopathy of prematurity PDF
Gorbacheva N. V., Ivanova D. I., Khlopkova Yu. S. 18-18
Algorithm for diagnosing short stature in children in the pediatric district PDF
Grachunova O. D. 19-0
Asymptomatic lymphangioma of the mesentery of the small intestine PDF
Grekova A. K. 19-19
Homocystinuria caused by the Asp444Tyr mutation in the CBS gene in the homozygous state PDF
Demina S. A., Bolkisev N. A., Borodkin I. O. 20-0
Experience in the treatment of a newborn infant with gastroschisis complicated by necrotizing enterocolitis PDF
Dolinskaya V. D. 20-20
Optimization of postoperative pain relief in children under different intensity of pain syndrome PDF
Ekubjonov M., Kamilova M. Ya., Fayzieva D. Z. 21-21
Congenital epidermolysis bullosa in a newborn infant PDF
Zhuravleva I. V. 21-22
A rare case of a diaphragm cyst in a 13-year child PDF
Zaripova A. A., Redkina D. M. 22-22
Early onset of ulcerative colitis in a child with selective IgA deficiency PDF
Indyk L. A. 22-23
Osteoid osteoma in a 4-year child PDF
Kavkovskaya Ya. I. 23-23
The problem of distrust to a young doctor and its relationship with health education PDF
Kazakov V. V., Kolomatskaya V. V. 23-24
Bronchiectasis against background of primary ciliary dyskinesia PDF
Kazakova V. A. 24-24
Esophageal atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula and congenital heart disease PDF
Kaskarbaev V. M. 24-25
Hereditary protein C deficiency PDF
Konarbaeva B. E. 25-25
Late adhesive intestine obstruction caused by familial Mediterranean fever PDF
Koroleva N. S. 25-26
Cystic fibrosis in twins: different phenotype with the same genotype PDF
Krasnovidova A. E., Makhmudova S. N. 26-26
Secondary E. coli meningoencephalitis caused by generalized intrauterine E. coli infection PDF
Krivolapova V. V. 26-27
Achondroplasia in a newborn baby PDF
Kuanyshpaeva G. D., Sartaeva L. E. 27-27
Self-treatment for acute respiratory infections in children PDF
Kurochkina T. Yu., Razuvaeva Yu. Yu. 27-28
Post-infectious asthenic syndrome in children PDF
Leletskaya A. V., Razuvaeva Yu. Yu. 28-28
Optimization of the use of antibacterial drugs for respiratory infections in children in outpatient practice PDF
Likhacheva V. V., Razuvaeva Yu. Yu. 28-29
Anomalous origin of the left coronary artery is a reversible cause of dilated cardiomyopathy in children PDF
Lobova M. A., Gandaeva L. A. 29-29
Successful use of enzyme replacement therapy in a child with a lysosomal acid lipase deficiency PDF
Maleto E. M., Lutsenko V. V. 29-30
Alport syndrome PDF
Maloletneva A. A. 30-30
The state of hemodynamics and intraocular pressure in children under anesthesia with sevoflurane for ophthalmic operations PDF
Mamatkulov I. A., Faiziev O. Ya. 31-31
Hemodynamic changes during the induction period under anesthesia while providing urological operations in children PDF
Mamatkulov I. A., Yusupov A. S. 31-32
Hemolytic-uremic syndrome developed due to infection caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae PDF
Manukhin D. I. 32-32
Complicated cholelithiasis in a teenager with obesity against the background of a sharp weight loss PDF
Marchuk A. I. 32-33
Severe infective endocarditis complicated by paravalvular abscess in a child with newly diagnosed congenital heart diseases PDF
Matros E. S., Aksenov A. O. 33-33
Difficulties in diagnosing autoimmune hepatitis type 2 PDF
Mikhailova E. A., Gargaloyan M. A., Germanov N. S. 33-34
The use of high-frequency oscillatory artificial lung ventilation in a newborn with respiratory distress syndrome PDF
Mikheeva A. A., Tolikova A. A. 34-34
Pathogenetic significance of the gut microbiota in autism in children PDF
Mulenkova A. V., Medvedeva P. S. 34-35
Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency with a rare manifestation in pediatric practice PDF
Nikiforova D. D., Ermak A. D. 35-35
The debut of a mixed form of Wilson’s disease in a 12-year boy PDF
Nosenko K. M., Komarova A. D., Prokhorenkova M. O. 36-36
Chronic instability of the shoulder joint. A special case of applying the Latarjet operation PDF
Ogay T. A. 36-37
Risk factors for the birth of small for date infants with perinatal hypoxia PDF
Omirzak A. A., Myrzagulov M. T. 37-37
Fibrinogen storage disease in the liver with a mutation in the FGG gene in a 4-year boy PDF
Orlova M. A., Kazakova V. A., Komarova A. D., Prokhorenkova M. O. 37-38
Thrombosis of the abdominal aorta in a newborn girl PDF
Orunbaeva A. A., Abreteneva D. D. 38-38
Targeted therapy of cystic fibrosis in children of the Krasnodar Territory PDF
Pisotskaya Yu. V., Ustyuzhanina D. V., Bogacheva S. M., Ashirova L. E. 38-39
Questioning of adolescents to identify signs of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia PDF
Ponomarev V. S., Skudarnov E. V., Lobanov Yu. F. 39-39
Approaches to the therapy of acute respiratory viral infections in children at the outpatient stage PDF
Popova I. K., Kolomatskaya V. V. 39-40
Severe form of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, complicated by acute renal injury, in a 13-year child PDF
Rameeva A. S., Kufluk A. I. 40-40
Angiopulmonographic characteristics of lung hypoplasia in children PDF
Rashidov Zh. K. 41-41
Rare case of crossed kidney dystopia PDF
Rogozhina V. V. 41-42
Somatotype and component composition of the body of preschoolers PDF
Romanov N. A. 42-42
Features of the physical development of adolescents PDF
Rudnev V. A. 42-43
The course of a new coronavirus infection in a child with immunodeficiency PDF
Ruslanova N. M., Chernikova A. N. 43-43
Acquired idiopathic aplastic anemia with minor PNG clone PDF
Sakhipgaraeva I. R. 43-44
Features of cystic fibrosis in children from the group of the Chechen ethnic group PDF
Simonov M. V. 44-44
Treatment of chondroblastoma of the femur PDF
Skavysh A. V. 44-45
Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome PDF
Soltanova R. Ya. 45-45
Severe, uncontrolled bronchial asthma: modern means of biological therapy PDF
Soltanova R. Ya. 46-46
Severe juvenile arthritis in a 12-year girl PDF
Starodubtseva T. S., Razuvaeva Yu. Yu. 46-47
Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome type II and primary ciliary dyskinesia in a patient with a mutation in the OFD1 gene PDF
Strelnikova V. A. 47-47
The use of antiviral therapy in ARVI children in a children’s polyclinic PDF
Sukhanova A. O., Kolomatskaya V. V. 47-48
Variants of the clinical course of pulmonary artery agenesis PDF
Sukhodolskaya O. V. 48-48
Pearson syndrome PDF
Tikhonova A. S., Kozlova A. M., Tsaturova A. A. 48-49
Complex comorbid condition: primary ciliary dyskinesia and juvenile arthritis with systemic onset PDF
Tikhonovsky P. A., Lyabina N. V., Bystrova S. G. 49-50
Nephroblastoma in a newborn girl PDF
Tokenova D. N. 50-50
Congenital skin aplasia associated with epidermolysis bullosa PDF
Tolegen A., Sarsenbek M. Zh., Ibraeva L. E. 50-51
Medico-biological aspects of the formation of temporary occlusion in children PDF
Tomasova N. A. 51-51
Microbiota susceptibility to antibiotics in congenital pneumonia in preterm infants PDF
Tyagusheva E. N. 51-52
Difficult differential diagnosis of erythema multiforme exudative PDF
Usinskaya O. A. 52-52
The “sluggish baby” syndrome PDF
Ustenko E. S. 52-53
Risk factors for the development of arterial hypertension in children PDF
Ustyuzhanina D. V., Pisotskaya Yu. V., Ashirova L. E., Bogacheva S. M. 53-0
Features of multimodal anesthetic protection in the surgical treatment of intestinal obstruction in children PDF
Fayziev O. Ya., Yusupov A. S. 53-53
Sturge–Weber syndrome PDF
Filatova E. A., Kolomatskaya V. V. 54-0
Diagnostic value of lung ultrasound in new coronavirus infection in children PDF
Freifeld T. A. 54-54
Structural features of the retina in children with retinopathy of prematurity PDF
Khlopkova Yu. S., Gorbacheva N. V., Ivanova D. I. 55-0
The value of molecular genetic testing in suspected cystic fibrosis PDF
Khubieva M. U., Pobedonostseva E. Ya. 55-55
Postcovid syndrome in a child with primary ciliary dyskinesia PDF
Chernyavskaya A. S. 56-56
Neoplasm (schwannoma) in the mediastinum in a child PDF
Churikova V. O. 56-57
Modern methods of diagnosing tuberous sclerosis PDF
Shakirzyanova G. R., Bagautdinova A. R. 57-57
Drug-induced cardiomyopathy — is the cause so obvious? PDF
Sharonova V. A., Sdvigova N. A. 57-58
Mesoblastic nephroma in a 1-month-old baby PDF
Shcheleva Yu. M., Kolomatskaya V. V. 58-58
Neonatal seizures. Clinical case PDF
Ybray A. A. 58-59
Effectiveness of prenatal and neonatal screening for congenital heart defects PDF
Ybray A. A. 59-59
Combination of juvenile ankylosing spondylitis and Crohn’s disease PDF
Yurieva D. A., Botova M. S. 59-60
Helicobacter pylori infection in the modern world PDF
Yakovleva N. V. 60-60

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