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What is social pediatrics?


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There is presented the own conception about the role of social pediatrics in the modern world. The author introduces the reader with his experience of the work in Africa, which led him to an understanding of the needfor the development of the principles of social pediatrics. He draws attention to the key figures in the field of health of Anglophone countries (David Morley, Maurice King, David Werner, Ivan Illich, James Spence), their role in the shaping of ideas about effective approaches to child health care. He talks about his work as a pediatrician-consultant within the framework of the UK National Health Service. He emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to the assessment of the health of the child, with taking into account not only biological, but also social and psychological factors. Particular importance he attached to the protection of children's rights. In conclusion, there is provided the information on the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP), its aims and tasks.

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