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Immunomodulation in modern therapy of respiratory infections


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There are presented data on the significance of immunomodulatory therapy for the formation of anti-infectious immunity and empowerment of antimicrobial therapy. Selectivity of the action of immunotropic preparations is indicated to be relative. This is caused due to that the main regulators of immune mediating the action on various compartments (specific and nonspecific) of the immune system, are cytokines, and they have multiple and multifarious effects. in this regard, the author believes that any drug that selectively acts on the corresponding component of immunity, in addition to direct effects, will provide the general and non-specific effect on the immune system as a whole. in connection with this the choice of immunomodulatory drug in clinical practice causes certain difficulties. To activate the anti-infective immunity there is advisable the use of immunomodulators that act on cells of the monocyte-macrophage system and caust a centrifugal activation of the immune system.

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