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History of the development of the doctrine of rickets in the Republic of Tatarstan: a brief essay


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There are presented data about the history of the establishment and stages of development of the doctrine of rickets at Kazan University. The founder of these studies in children was prof. E. M. Lepskiy. It has been revealed the importance of vitamin D in the pathogenesis and treatment of rickets, there were revealed specific features of violations of vitamin balance, phosphorus and calcium metabolism, the role of the parathyroid glands, as well as changes in alkaline phosphatase, citrate, and their diagnostic value. These studies were continued by the School of prof. K. A. Svyatkina, who studied the various enzyme systems in rickets in children. The great contribution to the further development of the doctrine of rickets and rickets-like forms ofpathology in children has been made by prof. S. V. Maltsev and his pupils. There was noted the significance of research results for practical public health.

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