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Vol 18, № 6 (2015)


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Safe Sleep Space for Infants: analysis of the situation in the European North of Russia PDF
Korableva N.N., Trofimova E.V., Garipova D.V., Opanasenko E.V., Kotova L.S. 4-9
The efficacy of the use of specialized amino acid mixture without phenylalanine for treatment of patients with phenylketonuria PDF
Irinina N.A., Irinin A.A. 10-13
Socially-psychological adaptation of teenagers in contemporary educational environment PDF
Evert L.S., Potupchik T.V., Zaytseva O.I., Panicheva E.S., Solov'eva A.A., Grishkevich N.Yu., Bakhshieva S.A. 14-19
Assessment of the impact of the informatization of both education and training on children in modern conditions PDF
Kuchma V.R., Tkachuk E.A. 20-24
Peculiarities of the deviant behavior in homeless and neglected adolescents (according to data of the social rehabilitation center for minors) PDF
Kubanov A.A., Ryumin D.V., Soboleva E.A. 24-27
Organization of modern forms of promotion of adoption of children without parental care on the base of orphanage PDF
Ustinova N.V., Muzyakova L.P., Sapozhnikova T.N. 28-32
Office of the district pediatrician - a new form of health care organization in the child outpatient clinics PDF
Shavaliev R.F., Vildanov I.H., Ivanova A.A., Maltsev S.V., Shverko D.V. 33-35


Disorders of the primary bile acids synthesis PDF
Namazova-Baranova L.S., Polyakova S.I. 35-40
Diagnosis and treatment of Fabry disease in young children PDF
Volgina S.Ya., Asanov A.Yu., Sokolov A.A. 41-45
Intestinal microbiota and atopic dermatitis in children PDF
Smirnova G.I., Mankute G.R. 46-53
Pseudomonas infections in patients with chronic nonspecific pulmonary diseases and problems of its vaccine prevention PDF
Blagovidov D.A., Simonova O.I., Kostinov M.P., Smirnov I.E. 54-60


Remarkable and anniversary dates in the history of pediatrics in 2016 PDF

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