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Assessment of the impact of the informatization of both education and training on children in modern conditions


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There are presented data of the hygienic assessment of informatization of education and training of children with the use of index of the informatization in a one pre-school institution during different period of time (pre-informational and informational period). Under observation there were 211 children at the age from 5.5 till 6.5 years, from the same pre-school institution of the city of Irkutsk. During the informational period the in children the elevated aggressive background and unmotivated fears «out-of-doors», the increasing the speed and reducing the quality of information processing, decline in the adaptation of the cardiovascular system to physical exertion were established to be revealed. The analysis of the morbidity rate revealed its more higher level in the informational period (1796,5%o against 1295,9%o).The authors believe that the informatization of education becomes the most essential condition of the educational-gnostical process and stipulates the transformation of the structure of the rates, the purposes of education, a change in the content, technologies, learning rules, that must be accompanied by as well a change in hygiene approaches to education as optimization of educational activities.

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