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Peculiarities of the deviant behavior in homeless and neglected adolescents (according to data of the social rehabilitation center for minors)


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There are presented data of the analysis of outpatients histories of homeless and neglected adolescents (61 pers.), sought for medical help in the socio-rehabilitation Center for Minors “Doverie”. At the time of the visit the age of patients varied from 15 to 18 years, there were 16 boys and 45 girls. Homeless and neglected teenagers were established to smoke more than in 70% of cases, and teenage girls smoke 2.9 times as much as boys, preferably at the age of 13-14 years, smoking 5-10 cigarettes or more per day. Almost 75% of the homeless and neglected adolescents use alcohol, and every second teenager drinks to excess. Homeless girls were revealed to start having sex earlier than boys. Homeless adolescents of both sexes preferred mainly genital contacts. Girls were detected to have more medical and hygienic awareness of infections, sexually transmitted infections than boys. There are discussed measures for the prevention of the deviant behavior, especially essential for neglected and homeless adolescents.

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