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Office of the district pediatrician - a new form of health care organization in the child outpatient clinics


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There is presented the experience of the children’s outpatient clinic “Azino” in the city of Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, on the organization of medical care with the use of innovative approaches permitted to optimize the work of primary health care department. Particular attention is given to the opening of the office of the district pediatrician, there are denoted its structure and functions, as well as there are reported the results of the questionnaire survey of parents on results of its operation in the first month. Analysis of the activity of the office of the district pediatrician revealed a decline in the number of initial calls by an average of 16% with an increase in the frequency of active visits by 2.7 times. There was noted the rise in the number of complaints of patients at the early stages of the disease, diminution of the number ofprescriptions of antimicrobials and increased immunization coverage of children.

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