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Evaluation of the children's neurosurgical beds in regions of the Russian Federation


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Organization of rendering neurosurgical care for children refers to the one out of main stages of the reduction ofpreventable health loss from traumatic brain injury (TBI) in children. The most important link in its provision is a material-technical base ofinstitutions. The aim ofthis study was the analysis ofthe activity ofthe children's neurosurgical hospital beds fund neededfor the development of measures for the optimization of the provision of medical care for TBI children. The study was performed according to the data of the statistical reports for 2003-2012 in Russia in total, as well as in federal districts and subjects. There was evaluated the work of the children's neurosurgical beds. Also, there was made the modeling of the necessary number of children's neurosurgical beds for the provision of neurosurgical care for children with brain injury in two ways: with taking into account the level of morbidity rate and with bearing in mind the standards for the requirement.The study showed that in 2003-2012, there was a gain in the prosperity ofthe child population with children's neurosurgical beds in Russia and regions. There most assured were the cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and the least - Urals Federal District and the Far East Federal District. The happening increase of the prosperity index to a greater extent was associated with a reduction in the child population than with an increase in the number of beds themselves. The gain in indices of turnover of beds and rate of hospitalization in reducing the average length ofstay, taking place against the backdrop of increasing the number of beds, testify to the intensification of the use of children's neurosurgical hospital bedfund in Russia and in the regions and its probable failure. According to overall results of the modeling there is revealed the deficiency of Russian children's neurosurgical hospital bed fund and the need to increase it, especially in such federal districts, as the Urals and the Far East.

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