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The risks health for children and adolescents in the process of life activity : problems, methods of assessment, technologies of the managemen


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The assessment of the risk for the health is widely used in international and domestic organizations. The aim of the work is the analysis of methods and techniques of risk assessment for children’s health and determination of the approaches to the analysis of risks for children’s health in the course of their life. The material of the study is based on legal and analytical documents in the field of the analysis of risks for public health. The main method of the research is expert-analytical. Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare has proved the risk-based approach to sanitary and epidemiological supervision, classified the subjects of supervision according to the criteria of the potential risk of damage to health. The risks for children’s health, calculated only on the frequency of violations of sanitary legislation, do not take into account the impact of all risk factors for the health of students. Methodology of management of occupational risks (risk management) is now implemented by bioinformatics technologies. The methodology of risk management to children’s health can be applied for pupils in various educational institutions. Risk for pupils ’ health is the probability of the injury as a result of exposure to potentially hazardous and dangerous factors of conditions and modes of learning in the educational activity. The management of risks for health of students is an array of interrelated activities, which includes the measures to identify, assess and reduce the risk for health ofpupils. The criteria of safe conditions and the mode of training of children in educational institutions are the preservation of life, health, functional abilities of the body ofpupils, the upcoming life. The most difficult problem in the hygiene of children and adolescents is the establishment of a causal relationship of diseases with conditions and mode of teaching children and teenagers - causation (causality). The starting point of causation is to establish the diagnosis with a code and factor code from the number of external causes of ICD-10. Risk management is carried out by the system of targeted prevention of school-related diseases.

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